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texts texts 407
TOPIC atoz
Agriculture and related sciences and techniques. Forestry. Farming. Wildlife exploitation 217
Management and organization of industry, trade and communication 82
Agriculture in general 66
Engineering. Technology in general 42
Business management, administration. Commercial organization 26
Industries, crafts and trades for finished or assembled articles 26
Accountancy 18
Technology 11
Chemical technology. Chemical and related industries 7
Field crops and their production 6
Medical sciences 6
Office management. Office practice. Office work 5
Forestry 4
Home economics. Domestic science. Housekeeping 4
Public health engineering. Water. Sanitation. Illuminating engineering 4
Vegetables. Kitchen gardening 4
Garden plants. Gardening 3
Hunting. Fishing. Fish breeding 3
Materials testing. Commercial materials. Power stations. Economics of energy 3
Mechanical engineering in general. Nuclear technology. Electrical engineering. Machinery 3
Plant damage, injuries. Plant deseases. Pests, orgnisms injurious to plants. Plant protection 3
Studies In Management Of Building Technology 3
Chemicals 2
Electrical engineering 2
Horticulture generally 2
Keeping, breeding and management of insects and other arthropods 2
Metallurgy 2
Precision mechanisms and instruments 2
Transport and postal services. Traffic organization and control 2
Animal husbandry and breeding in general. Livestock rearing. Breeding domestic animals 1
Applied Science - Technology 1
Applied Science Technology 1
Biotechnology 1
Building (construction) trade. Building materials. Building practice and procedure 1
Civil engineering and land transport. Railway engineering. Highway engineering 1
Clothing industry. Garment manufacture. Beauty culture 1
Fundamental concepts 1
Graphic industries. Printing. Publishing. Book trade 1
Natural waterway, port, harbour and shore engineering. Navigational, dredging, salvage and rescue facilities. Dams and hydraulic power plant 1
Publicity. Information work. Public relations 1
Telecommunication and telecontrol (organization, services 1
Various industries, trades and crafts 1
cbk 1
technology 1
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